Forum Labo Paris 2019

See you at Forum Labo Paris, March 26th – 28th, 2019 – booth J21. Your dedicated team will be delighted to demonstrate Microvision Bioscience Solutions:

  • Cybèle – Colony count on large plates
    Bacteriology, microbiology : Cybèle is now available with an A4 / A3 scanner in its low cost version
  • Immulab – Control of the dosage of a serum, measurement of the antibiotics efficiency
    Bacteriology, serology, immunology: Immulab image acquisition is performed with a high-resolution A3/A4 scanner.
  • Irys – : Acquisition of whole slide, well plates images and multifocal stacks in fluorescence
    Immunology, virology: speed up your well plates acquisition thanks to Irys automated well plate loader.