Regular training of your operators is an essential part of your performance

Certified training organization

Microvision Instruments provides trainings on microscopy, image analysis and the specific use of software solutions. This allows you to improve the performance of your teams.


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Microvision Instruments certified trainers provide you with:

  • Clear information on services and deadlines
  • Information with clearly identified objectives
  • Services and methods for reception arrangements, support, follow-up and evaluation
  • Adequate educational resources

Introduction to image analysis:

  • Express your problem in terms of image analysis
  • Select an observation scale
  • Obtain a “good image”
  • Interpret the results obtained

Granulometry: Granix and measurement results

  • Graphic representation choices
  • Refusal, the cumulated loop
  • Statistics: D90, D50,…
  • Histogram class choices
  • Representation according to screen sections
  • Standard of customized screen sections
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Exporting measurements
  • Printing results

Life sciences – biology: HISTOLAB software use

  • Definition of structures to be measured
  • Thresholding choices (fixed, adaptive, color)
  • Filtering choices
  • Constructing a macro – sequence
  • Indexed or motorized overview
  • Scanning method (manual or automated)
  • Manual override
  • Results export and customized report
technical cleanliness: automated, customizable and exportable reports

Technical cleanliness: FILTREX software and study’s structure

  • Control type (fluid, washing)
  • Thresholding choices (black, white, black/white, adaptive, automatic)
  • Filtering choices
  • Constructing a macro – sequence
  • Scanning size, sample
  • Edge effect adjustments
  • Autofocus adjustments

Train your teams to ensure perfect control of your image analysis as part of your quality process