Materials science

Industrial players in metallurgy must respect standards requesting the choice of reliable methods of analysis and characterization of materials. An image acquisition device combined with an image analysis software allows to perform all the necessary metallography and gravimetry analyses and to ensure their traceability.

Microvision Instruments material control solution

Examen métallographique par analyse d’images

Microvision Instruments metallography software allows you to analyze the microstructure of your metals

  • Phases analysis
  • Inclusion rating
  • Grain Size measurement
  • Decarburation depth measurement
  • Dimensional measurement

According to all applicable standards:

  • ASTM E45, ISO 4967: Standard test methods for determining the inclusion content of steel
  • ASTM E112: Standard test methods for determining the average grain size
  • ASTM E1077, ISO 3887: Standard test methods for estimating the depth of decarburization of steel specimens.
Travailler en conformité avec toutes les normes du secteur

Work in compliance with all industry standards

Systèmes intégrés modulaires et évolutifs

Modular and scalable systems

A suite of specific image analysis modules may be integrated to your optical instruments for a global turnkey solution
Rapports automatisés, personnalisables, exportables

Automated, customizable, exportable reports

Microvision Instruments Materials Science software

makes your metallographic analyses easier

Metallography: phases analysis
Brand Areas


AREAS measures all the objects making up the phases. The results are then presented with full details, or grouped by area of interest, or summarized by statistical values

Compliant with:

  • ASTM E1245
  • ASTM E45
  • ISO 4967
Metallography: grain size measurements


GRAINSIZER automatically measures the size of the steel grains in an unlimited number of fields

Compliant with:

  • NF A 04-102
  • ASTM E112
Metallography: inclusion rating


INCLUMET allows inclusion rating: silicates, aluminates, sulfites and oxides into steels and discrete second-phase constituents in any other material

Compliant with:

  • ASTM E1245
  • ASTM E45
  • ISO 4967
Metallography: decarburation depth measurement


DECARBUMET measures partial/total decarburation depths but also the thicknesses of stacked layers

Compliant with:

  • ASTM E1077
  • ISO 3887

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