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Immunology contributes to protecting living beings from diseases with microscopic analysis. To do so, the reaction of the organism to a pathogenic organism (virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoa) will be strictly observed and analyzed.
The Radial Immunodiffusion or SRID Immunology is a major single diffusion technique in immunology: a solution containing the antigen is placed into wells in a gel or agar surface previously impregnated with antibody to determine the amount of antigen in the solution (resulting of diameter of the ring that precipitates around the well).

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IMMULAB, your lifescience software to analyze your serology testings


Immulab analyzes your serological tests to control the dosing of serums using radial immunodiffusion and to measure antibiotic efficiency using antibiogram readings

CELEST, your image analysis software to read cell cultures


CELEST is a cell cultures reader operating by means of viral range detection

COSMIC, your life science software to measure therapeutic activity in fluorescence


COSMIC measures therapeutic activity

  • Therapeutic activity measurement in fluorescence by counting spots on Elispot plates
  • Automatic spot detection

Microvision Instruments lifesciences software allow you to work in compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11 standard and are compatible with required Data Integrity.

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